Bone Spurs

Bone spurs can occur in nearly any part of the foot and are often caused by arthritis. When bone spurs occur in the great toe joint the condition is known as hallux rigidus. It can be quite painful. Usually it is caused by age related wear and tear but sometimes it can result from an injury of the great toe joint. This problem is identfied when pain is present at the base of the first toe — especially when pushing off as you walk. It may be associated with swelling around the joint, a bony bump on the top portion of the foot, and the inability to bend the toe.

If you find that your toe is painful and stiff, causing you to bear weight on the outside of your foot, you might be suffering from hallux rigidus. We recommend that you make an appointment with us right away during the initial stages of the disease before exessive wear and large bone spurs develop.

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